Wednesday, July 25, 2012

60 Things I Love About My Dad

Fun times with Grandpa!
Today we have the privilege of celebrating my dad's 60th birthday with him!  There are so many things to love about my dad and so I wanted to take a moment to share 60 things that I love about him.  Believe me, there are definitely more than 60, but 60 is the magic number today.
  1. He loves Christ above all things.
  2. His smile and laugh.
  3. He loves to be with his family.
  4. He listens to the Statler Brothers at Christmas and drives us around to look at Christmas lights.
  5. He takes me out each year for our annual Christmas dinner date and shopping for my mom's Christmas present.  This has to be one of the highlights of my year!
  6. He is humble.
  7. He is a hard worker and gives his all to whatever he is doing.
  8. He is a fabulous Grandpa who gives great horsey rides, rides on the mower, gives great hugs and thinks that donuts and ice cream are a must!
  9. He has come to my rescue more than once - the snow storm and scar on his hand is a reminder of that.  I know I could call him any time for anything.
  10. He listens well.
  11. He cares for his family well.
  12. He can laugh with us.
  13. He is a learner - always reading, studying God's word, participating in classes, Bible studies, etc.
  14. He likes Twizzlers.
  15. He loves my mom so much - love that his ring tone for her is "My Girl."  I love how he shows Christ-like love to her.
  16. He is smart and knows how to fix things - always willing to help with a project I might have.
  17. He is wise and gives thoughtful advice.
  18. He makes awesome deep fried chicken - speaking of which I need to have him make sometime since he hasn't done that in forever!
  19. When I call him crying, which has happened a time or two (or more), he listens and then is such an encourager always pointing me to Christ.
  20. He has shown love for his family in the way he cares for his mother - he always goes up and visits, does projects for her, fixes things, etc.
  21. He can make my daughter and son's faces light up!
  22. He drove my things all the way to CA when Jeremy and I got married - that was a long haul!
  23. He doesn't use a debit card - yes I do love this about him.
  24. He is great at Nerts!  He is competitive, so now I know where I get it!
  25. He gave me a love for Nascar.
  26. He has taught me what it means to sacrifice and give all you have for your family.
  27. He enjoys reading.
  28. He has shown me how to love as Christ by putting the needs of others above my own.
  29. He gets up early each morning to spend time in the Word and prayer.
  30. He loves a good BBQ pork steak!
  31. He looks for the good in others.
  32. He let me tutor him in Algebra - thankful for that time we had together!  See - he is a learner!
  33. He can still stand on his head!  Does it each year on his birthday!
  34. He is genuine - I know when dad says something it is something he means and believes.  
  35. He has a servants heart!
  36. He is honest and trustworthy.
  37. He likes things neat and clean - - he does a great job on windows :)
  38. He taught me how to fish and camp (don't tell him that I love this but I do!) ;)
  39. He took me to Bennett Springs growing up.
  40. He made trips to California to be there after both of my children were born.  I know that being away from work isn't easy for him.
  41. Seeing him at the airport many times picking us up when we would visit.  I have to mention here that I am thankful we now can drive up in our car to his house!  :)  But the funny part - I do miss seeing that smile and getting that hug as I came through security.
  42. Sitting, talking and laughing with him about most anything.
  43. Watching him enjoy time with his grandkids!
  44. Hearing him preach and share the Word of God - what a blessing and answer to prayer.
  45. While he doesn't love talking on the phone, he talks to me almost every day or every other day on the phone :)
  46. He has welcomed Jeremy into our family from the moment we were dating!
  47. He would take me to Godfather's Pizza each year on his birthday.
  48. He is a strong and healthy man who takes good care of himself.
  49. He is disciplined - - I greatly admire this in him!
  50. He prays for us - I know when I ask Dad to pray - he does!  And he does even when I have not asked.  
  51. He is just fun to be with - makes me smile and I simply enjoy time with him.
  52. In spite of not liking circular motion, he is willing to go on the carousel at the mall with his grandkids!  
  53. He doesn't need "things" to make him happy.
  54. He is a creature of habit - - and I love this about him!  (Just glad I have the blue robe now - oh and the blue sweatpants!)
  55. He likes to have a plan.
  56. His confidence is in Christ.
  57. He loves his children.  He has shown me what it means to love your children unconditionally, even through some hard spots.
  58. He loves the church and is actively serving Christ in the local body.  
  59. He chose to take his family to Chuck E. Cheese on his 60th birthday!
  60. Knowing he is always there for me - showing me Christ in his daily life.

This list could go on and on.  I love my dad so much and rejoice and thank God for giving him to me as my Dad!  It is a joy and blessing to be his daughter.  

Happy Birthday Dad!  You bring great joy to our lives!  Thanks for loving us and showing us Christ.
Thankful for that smile!
Always willing to help!

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Jen Bauer said...

What a great list and a great dad! I love it that he stands on his head every birthday. That is awesome!